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In most situations, the Elcon Building System is cost effective against traditional and indiginous forms of construction for the following reasons:

  • The Elcon system is more akin to a manufacturing / production line system and therefore requires less skilled manpower per unit constructed than by traditional methods.
  • The early enclosure of the building means that the construction works are less affected by weather.
  • The speed of the system brings about indirect economies as outlined previously.
  • The system obviates the need for wet trades, principally wall renders and plasters reducing the cost of the finishing trades.
  • The incorporation of electrical conduiting reduces the cost of electrical installation.
  • The requirement for fitting out works to match the speed of erection of the structures means that bulk purchasing has to be made thereby creating an opportunity for discount purchase.
  • Reduced waste due to the mechanisation process and the exact siting of service locations, apertures etc.

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